Empower Consumers
To Build Your Brand

Delighted customers are ideal brand influencers.
Platform³ is the best way to engage, empower and acquire influencers to spread the word about your brand.


You Are In Great Company

Your Ultimate Consumer-to-Consumer Content Marketing Platform


Identify and engage the most important segment of consumers — influencers.


Empower influencers with sharable content that they can publish with one click.


Motivate influencers to share and encourage friends to use your products & services.

A Radical New Way to Engage Influencers

Identify and Engage Influencers

Platform³ makes it easy to manage and analyze massive amounts of data. With our robust data mining engine, you will be able to identify and engage the most important segment of consumers — influencers.

  • Elegant and intuitive interface
  • Fully customizable search options
  • Get things up and running in no time

Turn Influencers into Advocates

With Platform³, you have end-to-end control of your data and promotion, enabling you to engage consumers and motivate them to become passionate advocates of your brand.

  • Design innovative promotions and contests
  • Better, more engaging user experience
  • Powerful reporting tools

Power-boost Sharing with Rewards

Keep consumers actively engaged with your brand. Empower them with sharable content they can publish with one click, and reward them for spreading the word to their friends.

  • Easily create contests and promotions
  • Tweak your promotion to get maximum sharing and reach
  • Track your progress in real time

We Play Well With Your Existing Marketing Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Platform³ is a proprietary, enterprise class, consumer-to-consumer content marketing, rewards and data-mining platform. Brands use Platform³ to identify, activate and engage core consumers by creating and publishing content and calls-to-action. This helps them to acquire new customers, increase engagement and grow consumer-to-consumer sharing.
Our clients are integrating Platform³ in their branding and marketing intelligence activities. Marketing coordinators create brand-building programs using our Social Portal and integrate the data with email, data mining, and advertising activities.
Platform³ is best for marketing directors, coordinators, and brand managers. Many of our clients also integrate the data they mine from Platform³ into business intelligence and advertising to help accelerate brand building and product traction.
Absolutely! Not only does Platform³ have a simple REST API, our Control Panel has its own step-by-step integration wizard that lets you input credentials for other products and integrate. Just ask one of our marketing specialists how you can easily integrate advertising re-targeting software like AdRoll or Perfect Audience with one click.
Consumers, inundated with brand messaging, have learned to “tune out” advertising. Identifying and connecting with consumers and establishing ongoing dialogue have become major challenges for brand marketers. Platform³ gives companies the tools to enable consumers to share and promote their product. Consumer-to-consumer marketing includes brand building through organic posts, and encouraging consumers to share their product experiences with their friends.

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